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The high-low dice game is a fun, easy game to play with friends. The outcome is completely random, so it takes no skill and eliminates any natural advantages. Unlike complicated games with lots of pieces, you only need a pair of dice to play high-low. It's a quick game and can be used for gambling The game is random, and as such nine of the eleven outcomes can win, with the wrong choice losing as well as the same numbered outcome losing

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Hi-Lo Game Rules. 1. You must choose higher or lower of the current card. 2. Ace being the lowest card in the deck. 3. King being the highest card in the deck. 4. In case of Ace or King, you must choose same or lower/higher. 5. You can open unlimited amount of cards. 6. All multipliers are summarized. 7. You can skip up to 20 cards. 8. You can play with such currencies as: TRX, BTT. Sic bo (骰寶), also known as tai sai (大細), dai siu (大小), big and small or hi-lo, is an unequal game of chance of ancient Chinese origin played with three dice. Grand hazard and chuck-a-luck are variants, both of English origin. The literal meaning of sic bo is precious dice, while dai siu and dai sai mean big [or] small Setting up the game loop and testing for the validity of the input 5-Dice Hi-Low is a dice game for two players, or two teams of two players each. The object of the game is to roll either a high or a low five dice total. The first player to roll 6 winning totals wins the game. SET-UP: Seat the players around the table, and place the dice on the table. (If two teams are playing, team members sit facing each other across the table. Clockwise around the table. Low-High Dice Game. A dice game inspired by the stock market (and playing lots of Martian Dice). Roll a bunch of dice and choose which sets to keep. Choose your strategy wisely! Stuff You Need Two-to-Six PLAYERS A PENCIL and PAPER to keep score Thirteen standard six-sided DICE How to Play The shortest player takes the first turn. On your turn, first roll all thirteen dice. Several dice will.

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In America it is also called See-Low, Four-Five-Six, The Three Dice Game, Roll-off!, and by several alternative spellings, as well as simply Dice. In China it is also called Sān Liù Bàozi (三六豹子), or Three-Six Leopards. In Japan, it is known as Chinchiro (チンチロ) or Chinchirorin (チンチロリン) When game is played with a pot in non-banking mode, then all players put their stakes in a pot. All players roll their three dice and the best combination wins. The combinations are slightly different than the banking mode whose ranking from high to low is as following. 4-5-6; Triples - All 3 dice with same number. Triple with higher number.

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  1. I am setting up a Dice game of High Low and I'm having trouble getting my Dice to repaint or redraw when I press the button that should re-roll the Dice. import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*
  2. g. After the player has confirmed his bet, three cards are dealt
  3. In this video I show you how you can make your own high low game using Python
  4. The Hi-Lo (or high or low card game as it is referred to by some) game is one of the best casino games for new players to look at due to how simple it is to play. The game involves just you as the player and the dealer, so no other players are involved at all
  5. Chuck-a-luck is a popular carnival game, played with three dice. According to Richard Epstein, the original name was Sweat Cloth, and in British pubs, the game is known as Crown and Anchor (because the six sides of the dice are inscribed clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, crown and anchor)


# While high is greater than low ### Python has a while statement and you can use something like 'while x > 7:'. ### Conditions like 'x > 7', 'guess == number' can also be used in `ifs` below. # Guess the average of high and low ### The average of two numbers is (x + y) / 2. # Ask the user to respond to the guess ### Python (at least 2.7) has a 'raw_input' for this, NOT 'input'. # If the guess. The game point is given for the team that has the higher total value of cards in its tricks. Each ace is worth four, king is worth three, queen is worth two, jack is worth one and each ten is worth ten. If each team has the same total, no game point is awarded. Each team that makes its bid receives the number of points they earned A Game of Highs & Lows. Fortunes will flip in this wild game of strategy and chance! Play number cards to a center pile, following the direction on the Hi-Lo chip. If you get stuck, flip the chip for a chance to reverse the order and save your turn. But if you wind up without a move, the points go to your opponent

The Hi-Lo craps bet is basically the same thing as betting on the shooter rolling a 2 or 12. If any of these two numbers show up, then you win the Hi Lo bet. Not all casinos have this bet on the table or display it on the layout, but some do. Also, throwing a 2 or 12 are both infrequent and the name comes from 12 being the highest number and 2 being the lowest number you can throw in a dice. Bitcoin Games and Dice Seamless Bitcoin gambling. Free Bitcoins every hour. Sign up Sign in. Satoshi Snakes Are you bored? Perhaps, you should play our Satoshi Snakes and earn some coins while doing so. It's fun and a time-killer! Collect Blocks. Fortune Hunter Do you have what it takes to find a treasure? Dig deep, put your luck to test and find the treasure. Worth a play, right? Dig & Find. Claim from high paying faucet every 10 minutes. Slwall. Visit shortlinks & earn thousands of coin without waiting time . Lottery Round # 460. Test your luck with our daily lottery . You will get free tickets from claims. Referral System. Promote this site & earn 25% of affiliate earnings for life. Play HI-LO. Play addictive HI-LO dice game & multiply your earnings. Spin Slots. Get bore of.

It's simple, just roll the dice and earn anything between 0.000000314 BTC and 0.031410488 BTC . Roll Dice In Thai Hi-Lo, 3 dice are rolled in a shaker and players bet on the outcome. Bet on a High or Low outcome and a variety of ways to win! Special Feature 2x Bonus! Get a chance to double your winnings on any bet! Bonus symbols will appear and lands randomly on the table. If it's your winning bet, you get double the payout! Game Rules Dice total value 3 - 10 => Lo 11 => 11 Hilo 12 - 18 => Hi Game. Hi Lo is a grocery item game with products that are high and products that are low. It's up to the contestant to find the high ones to win

But DAGZ is a fun and high energy dice game that is a perfect indoor substitute for games like cornhole/bags, horseshoes and even bocce. We have a whole article about how to play DAGZ, but here are the basics: How to Play DAGZ. The game can be played with two or four players. Each team gets four solid colored dice to throw. You play by tossing the dice towards the other end of the board, where. Since High or Low is a very simple game, there are no any advanced strategies for it. However, you can increase your chances of winning. There is one feature of this gambling, knowing about which you can win larger amounts. The ace brings a guaranteed victory. In this regard, it is recommended to raise the bet until this card appears

High Low is a game found at various Internet casino. It goes by different names. For example, BetSoft calls it Draw Hi-Lo. This version addresses the game by iSoftBet. They can't seem to agree on its name either, referring to it as High Low, Casino High Low, and Las Vegas High Low. Since casino is too general and I've never seen the game in. Omaha 8, also known as Omaha Eight or Better, or Omaha high low split ('Hi/Lo'), is a split pot game. The best high hand wins half of the pot, and the best low hand wins the other half of the pot. Much like its cousin, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha 8 or Better involves four hole cards for each player. The object of Omaha 8 is to make the best five-card high hand, and/or best five-card low hand, using.

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Lucky Dice; 5 Hand VP; Bingo; Hi-Lo. You can bet from 20 cents to $100.00. Hi-Lo at Jackpotjoy is a simple game to play. Ace counts as the lowest, King the highest. Place your bet, the dealer deals out a card, you choose weather you think the next card will be higher or lower. If you choose correctly you can then choose to cash out, or pick higher or lower again, each time adding more to your. Draw Hi-Lo could most closely be compared to the classic version of Genie's Hi Lo. It is a simple game where the player bets whether the next card in the deck will be higher or lower than the current card. The odds are roughly commensurate with the probability of winning. The game is made by Betsoft, which provides software to Internet casinos HI&LO Dice Online Slot. (12 Reels, 20 Paylines) Click image to enlarge. In the game HI&LO Dice, it is all about the dice game. You can see this in the unique bonus game, where with a throw of the dice, you can gamble your way to the maximum score

The high-low dice game is a fun, easy game to play with friends. The outcome is completely random, so it takes no skill and eliminates any natural advantages. Unlike complicated games with lots of pieces, you only need a pair of dice to play high-low. It's a quick game and can be used for gambling. The outcome is considered high if the sum of the dice is eight, nine, 10, 11 or 12. It's. High Low Casino Dice Game, 55 free casino bonus at titan casino 2, casino extreme 277 match, 25 free casino bonus at black diamond casino 14. Play now Info. Exclusive Bonus. $3000 BONUS. Legitimate Casino > Online Casinos in Australia. With few rules and the lowest house edge in any casino game, blackjack is High Low Casino Dice Game one of the easiest games to learn and win. In most casinos. Games Dice BlackJack Slots. About About BitDice Terms Of Services. Bonuses Levels & Rakeback Treasure Chest Loss Back Bets Back JackPot. Support Help Contact. https://www.bitdice.me is owned and operated by BitDice N.V., a company registered and established under the laws of Curacao. BitDice N.V. operates under the Master License of Gaming Services Provider, N.V. 365/JAZ. In case you have a. High Low Casino Dice Game is operated by MT High Low Casino Dice Game SecureTrade Limited (us, our, we or the Company), High Low Casino Dice Game a company incorporated under the laws of Malta with registration number C56545 and registered address at @GIGBeach Triq id-Dragunara, St. Julians, STJ 3148, Malta

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  1. High Low Casino Dice Game, 80 no deposit bonus ruby slots casino 6, super mario odyssey slot machine, 100 freeroll at intertops classic casino 209. Prize pool: $1,000. €500. Percentage. Wager. Visit casino Unibet: 200% up to £200 + up to 200 spins! Register to play at Unibet and make your first deposit High Low Casino Dice Game to claim up to 200 spins, depending on how much you deposit.
  2. Freakcoin.Life. Growing A Real Freakcoin Income With FreeCoin Crypt
  3. Expert solutions for Question Hi-Lo Game (with Dice) In this homework, you will be writing:875548.

Creative approach to the good old dice game - the most popular choice among bitcoin gamblers. Start Winning * according to our most loyal players :) Playing Now 746. Jackpot $ 146 110. Total paid $ 81 092 989. Bets Placed 18 641 177 914. Generous and Versatile Bonus System. Every minute in the game counts! Find your favorite Bonus on DuckDice. Proceed. Deposit and Withdraw Instantly. Over 90. Here is a comprehensive directory of dice games, with rules and instructions on how to play, listed alphabetically. There are entries for alternative names and how many dice are required as well as whether you need dice cups, stakes, score sheets, etc. The games described here require dice, but you may need pen and paper for some and others require stakes, and for yet others a throwing cup is.

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Hi-Lo 3 Cards Privee. 5-hand Hi-Lo 10¢ to $10. Hi-Lo $10 to $100. Hi-Lo $1 to $10. 3-hand Hi-Lo $1 to $500. 5H Hilo 1-100. Play like poker with a Hi Lo guessing game. Your face card will come up and you'll have the chance to guess if it's Higher or Lower! If you draw an Ace then its an Automatic win no matter what the suit card is drawn later Sie können das Abschneiden von Hi-Lo (Cards Slots Dices) Free Offline tages- und stundengenau für verschiedene Länder, Kategorien und Geräte nachverfolgen. Jetzt gratis registrieren und noch mehr erfahren! App Store-Optimierung. Ermitteln Sie perfekte Keywords für sämtliche Apps da draußen und finden Sie heraus, wie sich die Position einer App für die maßgeblichen Keywords im Laufe.

Offers card games , blackjack , hi-lo , baccarat , poker games , roulette and slots.New players are eligible to receive up to 100% extra on their very first deposit, and up to an amazing 150% on their third! Betchain Casino Exclusive bonus 150% up to 1 bitcoin ( or in dogecoin) + 50 free spins with the code : 150+50, more offers weekly , free spins each friday and other promotions on slots. High Low Casino Dice Game, 100 dragons slot machine, 22bet casino rejects my withdrawals, 200 deposit match bonus 15 free spins at slotastic casin The game involves five dice and is called High Low Craps. It is very easy to play and can be played on different layouts. The game meets all requirements of the gaming commission and gives the gamblers a fair chance to win while the casino makes its money. It can be played preferably in either 15-player or 7 player layouts, although other configurations are possible without departing from. The New Player Welcome Bonus will only be offered High Low Casino Dice Game on High Low Casino Dice Game your first deposit, unless otherwise stated. Players who do not wish to receive the New Player Welcome Bonus offer will have the option to opt out upon making their deposit. Players can only use the Bonus Codes from the New Player Welcome Package once. 40x. Prize pool: up to £800 bonus.

Games. any-number balance-game bargain-game bonkers bonus-game bullseye card-game check-game check-out cliff-hangers clock-game coming-or-going cover-up danger-price dice-game do-the-math double-cross double-prices easy-as-1-2-3 five-price-tags flip-flop freeze-frame gas-money golden-road grand-game gridlock grocery-game half-off hi-lo hole-in. Cee-lo is a gambling game played with three six-sided dice. There is not one standard set of rules, but there are some constants that hold true to all sets of rules. The name comes from the Chinese Sì-Wŭ-Liù (四五六), meaning four-five-six Major Clancy was a very great sharper at most games, in which dice are use'd, and to this end he never went without Fullums in his pocket. The high ones would run 4, 5, and 6; the low Fullums 1, 2, and 3, by drilling the holes, loading them with quicksilver, and stopping the holes, with pitch; or else he would file the corners of 'em a little, and make 'em run what number he pleas'd. 11.18 High, Low, Sevens For this tab you will write a Java program that plays the dice game High-Low In this game a player places a beton whether the sum of two dice will come up High (totaling B or higher), Low (totaling 6 or less) or Sevens (totaling exactly 7). If the player wins they receive a payout based on the schedule given in the table below Choice Payout High 1 x Vager Low 1 x Vacer.

Download Hi-Lo (Cards Slots Dices) Free Offline apk 11.2 for Android. High or Low in Cards Slots Dices Blackjack Hi Lo Lite system does not Blackjack Hi Lo Lite support WebGL you can still play our eCasino Blackjack Hi Lo Lite games, but you may experience display issues such as blank reels, Blackjack Hi Lo Lite missing symbols or shaky graphics. These are Blackjack Hi Lo Lite display issues only and do not affect the outcome of the game 5 Roll. When Yahtzee met Poker, it was love at first sight. The ultimate game of chance makes sure you won't have the same experience twice. Roll the dice and decide where you would like to allocate points. Go for the highest score! The game is over once you have filled the score sheet. You will enjoy playing this game

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A classic dice game in which you can bet on the result of the roll of a pair of standard dice. If you guess correctly you win. Roll those dice! Betting options. With Lucky Dice you can bet on a single number, on the total of the two dice being a Hi/Mid/Lo number or an Odd/Even number. You also can put your money on Any Double, if you think the roll will result in two dice of the same value, or. Question: Hi-Lo Game (with Dice) In This Homework, You Will Be Writing A Program, Which Repeatedly Asks The User If The Next Roll Will Be Higher Or Lower Than The Last Dice Roll. You Will Continually Play Until The User Types Quit On A Line By Itself. The Game Will Remember How Many Times You Were Successful And How Many Times You Tried And Report The Ratio Of. Grand hazard, gambling game with dice from which chuck-a-luck evolved. In the United States the game is sometimes mistakenly called chuck-a-luck. Grand hazard is sometimes known just as hazard (especially in casinos), but it should not be confused with the considerably older European game of hazard, from which the dice game craps evolved. The game is also closely related to sic bo Hi-Low Predictions This game is about predicting whether the next playing card to be turned over will have a higher or lower value than the previous card. Before you can begin you need to be familiar with a suit of playing cards as shown above. The card at the far left (Ace) has a value of 1 and the card on the right (King) has a value of 13. Begin the game. Transum.org. This web site contains.

Take out Jacks, Queens and Kings ( or ace=1, jack=11, queen=12, king=13, joker=0). Clubs and Spades (black cards) represent positive numbers; Diamonds and Hearts (red cards) represent negative numbers. Multiple decks can be utilized at one time. Divide cards into even piles for each player (2). Each player turns over 1 card in their pile Find great deals for Cinqo Portable Hi Lo Dice Game with Key Chain Bonus Uno Card Game NEW in Package. Shop with confidence on eBay Recommendation on Benefiting in Trusted Online Hi-Lo Live Dice Games. September 11, 2020 admin. The world everything considered economy does deficiently continually. This is from an overall perspective what has obliged people to use any structures conceivable to play out their cash related targets. With everything considered, care ought to be had a go at paying little character to the way that. Online Dice Games zijn gelijkaardig aan online casinospelen, want ze zorgen voor een fantastische sfeer en hebben speciale animaties. Het grootste verschil wanneer het op online dobbelspelen aankomt, is dat je een strategie moet bepalen en de juiste keuzes moet maken om te kunnen winnen. Plaats de dobbel kolommen om horizontale of diagonale identieke rijen van symbolen of kleuren te vormen.

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  1. Wager on the HI-LO dice game or bet on your favorite events at FreeBitco.in. Rank in the top 10 users by wagering volume to win the contest and up to $21,600 in BTC every month! EARN INTEREST ON YOUR DEPOSITS. Deposit BTC in your FreeBitco.in wallet and we'll give you 4.08% annual interest on your balance, compounded daily. PEER-TO-PEER (P2P) EVENT PREDICTION TO MULTIPLY BTC . An event betting.
  2. High Low Casino Dice Game, ruby slots casino 125 no deposit bonus october 23 2020, casino locked my account to avoid pay my winnings, 40 free spins at lake palace casino 37. Read our full review. Valiant Knight. January 7, 2018. RoyalPanda. Percentage. Hoot Loot. Bonus. 0. 500% up to $5000 on first 5 deposits. 100% . 30x-Start Playing on Uptown Aces Casino read review. Percentage. January 7.
  3. Play Higher or Lower Card Game. Guess if the next card is higher or lower, and earn points! (Note: after each bet it skips cards that are very high or low) Show Ads. Hide Ads About Ads. Games Index HTML5 Games Flash Games Elementary Games Puzzle Games. Higher or Lower Card Game. Guess if the next card is higher or lower, and earn points! (Note: after each bet it skips cards that are very high.
  4. High Low. Description. Instructions. The dealer in the casino opens a card at the table and you place your bet guessing that the next card the dealer will open is going to be higher or lower. If you guess correctly you win otherwise you lose. Play as long as you like or until you lose all your money. Enjoy playing High Low
  5. From Torben Mogensen's Dice-Rolls in Role-Playing Games ( ) I take a number of dice equal to my ability plus a number of dice equal to your opposing Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 9. Remove hi-lo method from Torben Mogensen's Dice-Rolls in Role-Playing Games. Dice. Close. 9. Posted by 2 years.
  6. Note that the high, low, odd and even bets do not pay if made as three-of-a-kind and it is this that gives the House the edge on these bets. Three-of-a-kind is known as a raffle. The six dice faces at the top of the table pay like the game of Chuck-a-Luck. A bet placed on one of the six dice faces pays evens (1 to 1) if one die shows the.
  7. Dice Games Bunco. A dice game and social activity for large groups. Beetle. A simple but creative dice game of rolling and drawing. Farkle. A fun and challenging dice game with multiple variations and scoring options. Going to Boston. The object of this little dice game is to win the most number.

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Project - Hi-Lo. Project Hi-Lo has been updated many times since this post. I will leave this here for the record and so that you can see the evolution of the game. Please be aware that I had only been learning to program in Python for about 8 weeks when I first wrote this and the code is quite poor. The code is vastly improved in the next two updates though Question: For This Program You Will Write A Java Program That Plays The Dice Game High-Low. In This Game A Player Places A Bet On Whether The Sum Of Two Dice Will Come Up High (totalling 8 Or Higher), Low (totalling 6 Or Less) Or Sevens (totalling Exactly 7) High Low Casino Dice Game, spinland casino 150percent up to gbp1500, 77 free spins at jupiter club casino, 25 no deposit casino bonus at slots village casino 24. Real Money Video Poker. Payment Guide. or. Wheel of Fortune PLAY FREE. Baccarat. CASINO CRUISE. 22 mil+. Wheel of Fortune PLAY FREE. Sign up Read Review. Fruit Shop . 98.15%. Star Magic. The SB Community Join the community for the.

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  1. Find great deals for Cinqo Portable Hi Lo Dice Game with Key Chain Bonus Uno Card Game NEW in Package. Shop with confidence on eBay
  2. There is a little known dice game which is played with a pair of dice and has the following rules: the player keeps rolling the dice until the total on the dice is 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12. If the total is 7, then the player loses, if it's 2, 3, 11 or 12 then the player wins. If the total is any other number, then the game continues. Im really stuck in the mud as I have no idea how to write a method.
  3. Usually, there's a designated surface the dice have to hit. In casino craps, the dice must go all the way to the back wall of the table for it to count. This is why most street craps games are played against walls. Generally, you'll be a few feet away and roll against the wall, or some other kind of backdrop. 4. Bet big when you're the shooter. Most times when you shoot crap, the game involves.
  4. Jun 11, 2019 - Explore Beverly Fortier's board Printable Game Score Sheets, followed by 806 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about printable games, scores, card games
  5. This game is called Dice, but it is not the typical game of luck and probability using a simple cube with numbered sides. Instead, it is a crypto-oriented Dice game where you have a greater range and higher fidelity of potential outcomes (0.000-99.999). Your task is to predict whether the lucky number that the Dice will roll is higher or lower than a certain digit. If you're new to Dice and.

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The game continues in this fashion until the property deck expires or a player calls an end to the game. One can only do this, however, if he has a total value (property sets plus cash) in excess of $5,000. Even then, a player should only do this when he feels he has more assets than any of his opponents. As High Bid, this game was published for the 3M Bookshelf Series and 3M Gamette Series This is a high-low game with declaration. There are three rounds of buying, each followed by a round of betting. A buying round begins with the first active player to the left of the dealer and goes once around the table clockwise. At your turn you have three options: Buy a card. You discard one card from your hand and buy one of the four cards on offer to replace it, paying the appropriate. High Low Casino Dice Game, 60 free spins at moplay casino, free spins bonus codes for igame casino 57, 40 no deposit bonus at two up casino 5. Bonus. 25x. Total Bonus Wager. Play now--16. Bonus. Kronos Unleashed. Start Playing on Desert Nights Casino read review. Read our full review. 0. November 14, 2018-€500 -Need help? Contact Support. permanent Min deposit: £ 10-Read our full review. 50. Wanted to double check some roll probabilities for The Royal Game of Ur, worked very well. Comment/Request Just needs some clearer labels next to the inputs. The top is the number of rolls, and the bottom is 1/ the number of sides on your die (1/6=d6, 1/4=d4, etc) [3] 2019/05/16 05:10 Male / 30 years old level / An office worker / A public employee / Very / Purpose of use I play tabletop games.

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Some game systems call this 'open ended' dice. If the number rolled is greater than or equal to the value given for this option, the die is rolled again and added to the total. If no number is given for this option, it is assumed to be the same as the number of sides on the die. Thus, '3d6 e' is the same as '3d6 e6'. The dice will only explode once with this command. Use ie for indefinite. Dice Roller. Use this random dice roller a.k.a. virtual dice roller and random dice generator to generate truly random die rolls of one or more dice. A standard dice has six faces numbered 1 through 6, but our tool supports dice with any number of sides so it is useful for board games such as Dungeons and Dragons (D&D, DnD) and others which use non-conventional dice

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The issue is slightly less pronounced with board games, where everyone tends to use the same pool of dice, but having dice regularly come up high or low can obviously affect how the game plays out Browse our listings to find jobs in Germany for expats, including jobs for English speakers or those in your native language Hence a gamer rolls all dice at once without needing to re-roll any single die multiple times. For example, most players prefer to have extra 6-sided dice. Four of these are used for rolling up stats for a new character, and for that reason manufacturers used to produce DnD dice sets with 4d6 in them. However, they fell out of favor because a standard 7-set was cheaper. Dungeons & Dragons (DND. Hi Low Blackjack, code reduction geant casino drive, make money poker online possible, best poker tips from pros. Sign up Read Review. Diamond Dragon. Exclusive Bonus . 100% bonus+25 freespins. Flowers Christmas Edition. So Hot. Jack Hammer #3. Bonus Bingo. Bonus: $100 FREE. 100% BONUS UP TO 300€ + 100 FREE SPINS. King And Queen. Video Poker. Hot Spot 777. Real Money Free Games Intertops. 2021-06-21 10:22:26 - game online poker dice xzer. black jack casino gtaTatsächlich scheint es, als verbessere eine Alterskontrolle die Kundenloyalität gegenüber der Webseite.se abgelehnt worden sei.Laut AgeChecked, einem britischen Unternehmen für Technologien zum Jugendschutz im Internet, verzichten noch immer 80 % der Geschäftspartner von Online Glücksspielfirmen auf die geforderten.

Handmade Solid Copper Metal Domino Game Set in Box & DiceThe Science and Séance Society by Daniel Newman (New MillD-Day Dice: 2nd Edition by Word Forge Games — KickstarterVALHALLA: Card-dice game for 1-6 players by Go on Board
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